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The traditionally family company CERENA GMBH manufactures high quality cutting
tools for hairdresser since 50 years.
We distribute our product all over the world.

The company is leaded in the 2. generation by Mr. Arne Kreitzberg and stand for
highest requirements to our products.

Traditional processes are combined with modern technologies to afford professional hairscissors with quality made in Solingen.
Our production which is based on approx. 80% mans craft is affected by first class
steel and experienced and trained employees.
Due to our strict quality control we provide
our customers with a continuity level of
quality and service.

“Innovation created by flexibility!”

BMAC hair scissors - pure Japan made.

We are pleased to have expanded our range to include a high-end product.
Exclusively for the German market, we sell these traditional and qualitative hair scissor
. BMAC - handmade in Japan.

Cerena - BMAC Harrscheren - pure Japan made



Cerena CHIQ